Ultra Electronics 3eTi


Increasing reliable operations

In today’s cost-challenged climate, manufacturing and production facilities must improve the timeliness and effectiveness of operations to maximize profitability and productivity. Doing so typically involves the integration of real-time production systems with business applications to streamline communications, often through cloud computing. However, security issues associated with interconnected business networks threaten the reliability of operations systems.

Productivity and financial loss occur due to incorrectly configured firewalls, viruses and uninstalled or outdated system patches. Addressing these negatives obliges industry principals to take action. For example:

  • Device manufacturers must become proactive. Many devices are not embedded with security features. Companies should routinely conduct security assessments to uncover and address device cyber-weaknesses.
  • Balancing segmentation and interoperability is necessary. Device operating systems must be consistently and immediately updated, and kept behind firewalls. The networks they connect to must be segregated from key data systems, and with limited functionality.

Our solution

3eTI solutions meet or exceed IEC 62443 security standards. They enable isolation of critical processes, as well as devices, within discrete security spheres that cut off alternate access points. In this way, attacks that succeed in one point of entry are prevented from causing wider, plant-wide damage.

How we do it

  • Shield critical infrastructure with DPI technology
  • Uses protocol-specific protection for DNP3 and BACnet
  • First industrial device to be certified by the National Institutes of Standards and Technologies (NIST) and the NSA’s National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP)
  • Goes beyond firewall, perimeter and signature-based defense
  • Allows visibility and ability to alert in real-time
  • Cloaks industrial endpoint communications using stealth mode
  • Plug-and-play security