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Patient safety is paramount

Cyber-risk associated with the Internet of Things particularly threatens the healthcare industry with its heavy reliance on computerized devices. From insulin pumps to monitors, more and more medical devices are connected to the Internet. With security breaches likely to become more common and costly, cybersecurity for this market niche will become a top priority for stakeholders. Device manufacturers and health care providers will be obliged, by both market and regulatory forces, to take preemptive measures toward tighter cybersecurity.

The FDA has issued warnings and guidance documents about cybersecurity. While agency guidance does not constitute a requisite, manufacturers open themselves up to harsh penalties if they fail to conform to guidance and an issue occurs that demonstrates or reflects noncompliance. Overall, manufacturers and health care providers are expected to demonstrate that they’ve limited device access to trusted users. To protect their operational status, as well as the public health and safety, industry principals should be highly cautious. For example:

  • Device manufacturers are well advised to be proactive. Devices not embedded with security features pose a serious risk to cybersecurity. Companies should apply strict security protocols and routinely assess security status to head-off and correct cyber weaknesses. Failure to protect devices may result in severe regulatory consequences.
  • Market survival may hinge on attaining a balance between segmentation and interoperability. Device software must be fastidiously patched and updated, kept behind firewalls, and connected to networks separated from those dedicated to sensitive medical and personal data. The devices’ segmented and segregated networks must also control limited functionality for security purposes. Applying security measures such as these, however, can be complex and pricey challenge to the interoperability that drives efficiency.

Our solution

3eTI understands how important it is to achieve and maintain a robust operations technology (OT) security program. 3eTI solutions are designed to protect data and guard against server downtime due to cyber-attack. 3eTI solutions meet stringent federal security standards requiring validated communications solutions. As a trusted supplier to the DoD since 1995, 3eTI delivers highly secure network platforms that enable maximum operational productivity. 3eTI’s patented platforms are certified to meet military IA standards.

How we do it

  • Assure stable business continuity and operational visibility
  • Maintain a separate or segmented cybersecurity architecture
  • Implement failover, redundancy and load-balancing capabilities
  • Deliver a scalable architecture for additional volume
  • Centralize security-monitoring operations and technology