Industrial Cyber Security

Critical infrastructure is an attractive target for cyber-attacks that compromise system availability and integrity. The risks to essential control systems, both physical and cyber, are mounting through a rise in published vulnerabilities, wider connectivity, and adoption of open standards that can expose networks and critical edge devices to serious exploits.
Mitigating Vulnerability Risks
Security is just one aspect of a complete solution for system-level controls. Balancing risk drives security-system design. Evaluating end-to-end systems from access control, surveillance to Layer 2/3 network security, malware protection, PLC security, informs vulnerability assessments, and necessary security levels for future operational growth.
End-to-End Operational Security
3eTI offers certified security solutions tailored to critical infrastructure from analysis to protection systems extending from the enterprise edge to the PLC, embedded controller and other devices. Tools and products interoperate with existing control systems for true failsafe security.

Our mission is safety through preparedness. Your mission is total operational effectiveness and reliability. 3eTI designs, builds and deploys solutions that combine technology, policies and procedures to align risk with turnkey solutions that maximize systems spending while eliminating downtime due to breaches.
Designed for Industry
  • Approved by industrial automation vendors and standards groups
  • Exceeds NERC CIP, ISA IEC 62443 (formerly ISA-99) standards
  • Integration systems across the enterprise to enable globalization
  • Real-time information flow for innovative business models
  • Integration/migration of legacy infrastructure networks
  • Remote access enables support staffs to focus on production
  • System availability with a hardened infrastructure


Solutions that fit your needs
For more than 20 years, 3eTI has helped customers to implement cyber secure solutions for critical industrial systems.

Key Features

  • The only industrial cyber device to achieve FIPS 140-2 & Common Criteria certifications
  • Encryption, access control, application-level whitelisting, deep packet inspection and monitoring and alerting
  • Fully inspects and parses DNP3, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP,  OPC, and BACnet traffic

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