Ultra Electronics, 3eTI offers many career paths from Engineering Management to Customer Support. Our aim is to help 3eTI employees enjoy happy and healthy lifestyles, while maintaining a good balance between life and work. If you are interested in becoming part of our team check out our current job openings.



3eTI is proud to provide a comprehensive and flexible benefits package that supports the needs of our employees and their families. The benefits include:
Life Insurance
Disability (short and long term)
401k and Roth 401k
Spending Accounts
Health Savings Account (HSA)
Stock Purchase Plan
Paid Time Off
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Tuition Reimbursement
Free Garage Parking
Onsite Cafe

Employee enhancement programs

Employees of 3eTI enjoy many company programs that are geared to enhance their work experience. The programs include:
Work/Life Balance
Encouragement of a healthy work/life balance for each employee.
• 9/80 Summer Program: This program gives employees the opportunity to work a revised schedule with a well-earned day off on the 10th day.
• Competitive Vacation Packages: Packages are aligned with years of service with the company.
Wellness Program
We strive to make 3eTI a pleasant and vibrant workplace, with many opportunities for our employees to stay involved during the workday and after hours.
• UltraFit: Encourages employees to track their exercise, and log their progress, competing with others based on a point system.
• Wellness Challenge: The Wellness Committee participates in an annual walk/ run to raise funding and awareness for a worthy cause.
• Walking Wednesday’s: Employees gather to walk on their lunch hour.
• Social Activities: Company sponsored activities like a baseball outing to Nationals Park.
Environmental, Health & Safety Program
The personal safety and health of all our employees of 3eTI, is of the utmost importance. We strive to be proactive in identifying future potential safety and health issues and concerns.
Management commitment and employee involvement
Worksite analysis
Safety and Health training
Take Your Child to Work Day
Once a year, we participate in "Take Your Child to Work Day" where employees are encouraged to bring their children to work and spend time learning about the company and what Mom and Dad do every day. All attendees also participate in a half day program that includes breakfast, a tour of the facility and a technology demo.
Recognition & Awards
3eTI counts on our employees to have and deliver excellence and quality performance to our customers each and every day. In recognition of our top performers, 3eTI‘s presents formal awards, which include:
• Ovation Award: Excellence following Leadership, Entrepreneur, Audacity and Paranoia (LEAP) criteria.
• Bravo Award: Recognition of significant contribution to a 3eTI program, project or customer.
• Applause Award: Spot award given to commend employee for a job well done.
• Team Award: Spotlights the accomplishments of an entire team.
• Annual President’s Award: Top award selected exclusively by the Company President.


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Tim (Help Desk)
"I enjoy the fast paced and collaborative work environment. Working for 3eTI never gets boring, and the people I work with make it a great atmosphere too." - Joined the team in 2014


Steve (Solutions Group)
"What keeps me here is the people -- working with individuals that I genuinely enjoy being around and coming together as a team to meet both customers and stakeholder’s needs." - Joined the team in 2001


Shi Wen (Hardware Technician)
"My years of service at 3eTI shows that they have always been there for me. I know I’m valued and that we all care about the work we do." - Joined the team in 2008


Ultra Electronics, 3eTI