About 3eTI

Since 1995, 3eTI has been a trusted supplier of wireless network solutions for the U.S. Navy. The Navy 3eTI_buildingrelies on our highly secure wireless platforms to communicate and protect its most critical assets.  We know encryption. Trust the wireless network solutions that have the U.S. Navy’s stamp of approval.
Our experience and proven performance in some of the most demanding, rugged environments makes wireless network solutions from 3eTI ideal for a broad array of targeted commercial applications including:
- AirGuard: Robust, government-certified, secure wireless mesh devices
- CyberFence: Military-grade, cyber security solutions that securely transmits data through the network
- SmartSystems: Cyber-secure, integrated sensor systems that support operations at the network edge
- UltraVision: Centrally manage, monitor, control and analyze wireless or wired network operations and assets

Why we are different

3eTI’s technology provides high-level information assurance, ensuring absolute integrity of data that provide our customers with the peace of mind of knowing that they are operating on a network they can trust.   

Features that make 3eTI’s platforms stand apart include:
- Self-healing, self-configuring design that ensures always-on availability
- High level of information assurance for data protection
- Durability that protects systems from harsh environmental conditions
- Quick and inexpensive adaptable systems to meet customized requirements
- Intelligence features to help customers identify trends from data
- Network-centric solutions that help reduce workload
- Pride in investing in cutting-edge research and development
As a result, 3eTI's platforms form the backbone for reliable wireless network security and communications, and critical infrastructure protection and management that allow our customers to operate with confidence.


Who We Serve

Solutions from 3eTI protect and secure the critical assets of the military, government, first responders, utilities, and other commercial and industrial operations.

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