About 3eTI

3eTI-BuildingFor your operations to succeed in today’s budget constrained and challenging environment, you need to optimize operational costs and mitigate vulnerabilities that could cause operations to fail. If operations fail, the results could be costly. You need technology that bridges the gap between efficiency and security.

Ultra Electronics, 3eTI has over 20 years of experience building and delivering cost-effective solutions that empower efficient operations by interconnecting critical systems while giving you the confidence that your operations are secure.

What We Do

3eTI helps preserve operational investments through advanced security for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, secure wireless networks, and innovative sensor network applications. These products, software, and systems leverage new and legacy networks while complying with the highest government and industry standards.

Our experience and proven performance in some of the most demanding, rugged environments make secure network solutions from 3eTI ideal for a broad array of targeted commercial applications including:

- Cyber-Physical Security & Surveillance
- Cyber-Secured Wireless & Wired Communications
- Integrated Critical Infrastructure Operations
- Comprehensive Situational Awareness

Why We Are Different

3eTI’s technology provides high-level information assurance, which ensures absolute integrity of data and provides our customers with the peace of mind of knowing that they are operating on a network they can trust.

As a result, 3eTI's platforms form the backbone for reliable wireless network security and communications, and critical infrastructure protection and management that allow our customers to operate with confidence.

Our Community Engagement

3eTI's employees are a vibrant group of people who recognize that the success of the communities in which they live is just as important as their individual success. Our employees are actively engaged in programs that support food banks, distressed families, and the environment to help enhance the livability of their region.

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3eTI’s Commitment
to its Employees

3eTI knows that its most important asset is its employees. The company is committed to making its employees’ work experience something great. Promoting a healthy work / life balance, ensuring employee recognition, and offering team-fostering events inside and outside the workplace are just some of the ways that 3eTI shows its commitment to its employees. 3eTI’s commitment to its employees is part of its corporate ethos.

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