Ultra Electronics 3eTi

Award-winning Industrial Cybersecurity

CyberFence provides robust and highly vetted security that goes beyond the basic perimeter defense to shield industrial automation and control systems against cyber-attacks. CyberFence Device

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What’s At Risk?

The risks to control systems, both cyber and physical, are mounting through a rise in published vulnerabilities, wider connectivity, and adoption of open standards that expose networks and edge devices to exploits.

That’s where 3eTI can help.

Core Solutions

3eTI, an Ultra Electronics company, develops and implements machine-to-machine (M2M) cyber security solutions for industrial networks. Protecting energy, utilities and government critical systems for a quarter century, 3eTI’s proven and innovative solutions safeguard automation and industrial control systems (ICS) from cyber-threats.

Industrial Control Systems Embedded Security Solutions

Operational technology security using best-in-class cyber security solutions and services

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Military-Grade Secure Communication Networks

Fully certified defense-in-depth for cyber devices, wireless devices and systems

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Cyber-Physical Protection for Critical Infrastructure

Certified remote-site monitoring systems for secure military-grade surveillance

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Who We Serve

<p>Certified cyber-physical security for <strong>government</strong> facilities, infrastructure and <strong>DoD</strong> tactical communications</p>

Certified cyber-physical security for government facilities, infrastructure and DoD tactical communications

<p>Reliable and stable industrial security for critical-industry endpoints: <strong>energy</strong>, <strong>automation</strong>, <strong>oil & gas</strong>, <strong>water</strong></p>

Reliable and stable industrial security for critical-industry endpoints: energy, automation, oil & gas, water

<p>Strategic partnerships with security-focused <strong>OEMs </strong>and <strong>systems integrators</strong> serving critical infrastructure</p>

Strategic partnerships with security-focused OEMs and systems integrators serving critical infrastructure

Certifications & Memberships

  • ccevs
  • isa
  • fips
    FIPS 140-2
  • iso
    ISO 9001:2015
  • WiFi Certified
    WiFi Alliance

What We Do

Ultra Electronics, 3eTI builds and delivers cost-effective solutions that advance efficient operations by securely interconnecting critical systems. In doing so, 3eTI helps preserve operational investments for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, secure wireless networks, and innovative sensor networks. 3eTI products, software and systems integrate seamlessly with new and legacy networks while complying with the most rigorous regulatory standards.